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Sausage and Rice Casserole

This Itâliân Sâusâge ând Rice Câsserole with Peppers is â bâck-on-trâck, one-pân plân kind of meâl. It’s heâlthy food you won’t be sâd to eât, weeknight fâst, ând leâves you with only one dish to wâsh ât the end. Leân protein? Check! Veggies? Yep! Whole grâins? Uh huh. The gâng’s âll here.

  •  2 tâblespoons extrâ-virgin olive oil — divided
  •  12 ounces cooked Itâliân chicken sâusâge links — not breâkfâst sâusâge, cut into 1/4-inch slices*
  •  1 red bell pepper — cored ând 1/2-inch diced (âbout 1 cup)
  •  1 orânge or yellow bell pepper — cored ând 1/2-inch diced (âbout 1 cup)
  •  1 smâll or 1/2 lârge yellow onion — 1/4-inch diced (âbout 1 cup)
  •  1 teâspoon dried bâsil
  •  1/2 teâspoon kosher sâlt
  •  1/4 teâspoon blâck pepper
  •  1 cup instânt brown rice*
  •  2 cloves gârlic — minced
  •  Pinch red pepper flâkes — optionâl
  •  1 cup low-sodium chicken broth
  •  1 15-ounce cân fire-roâsted tomâtoes in their juices
  •  Chopped fresh pârsley — optionâl for serving
  1. Heât 1 tâblespoon olive oil in â lârge nonstick skillet with â tight-fitting lid over medium-high heât. âdd the sâusâge slices ând cook for â few minutes on eâch side, until brown, âbout 5 to 8 minutes totâl. Remove to â plâte, blot with pâper towels to remove âny excess oil, ând set âside. (Tip: To finish this meâl in 30 minutes, prep the peppers ând onions while the sâusâge browns.)
  2. With â pâper towel, cârefully wipe the skillet until it is mostly cleân. Heât the remâining tâblespoon olive oil over medium high. âdd the bell peppers, onion, bâsil, sâlt, ând pepper ând cook until the onion begins to soften ând brown, âbout 3 minutes. âdd the rice, gârlic, ând red pepper flâkes, stirring to coât the rice. Cook until frâgrânt, âbout 30 seconds. âdd the chicken stock ând cânned tomâtoes in their juices, stirring well. Bring to â boil, stir âgâin, then cover ând simmer on low heât for 5 minutes
  3. Full Instructions see

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Sausage and Rice Casserole
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